JWEF Activities:

  1. General Meeting – annual
  2. Periodical Meetings - five to six times a year that are lectures, discussions, and study tours
  3. JWEF Incentive Award to young woman engineer - Anual
  4. JWEF SNS and mailing list -- services available only for members
  5. News letter -- publised two times a year
  6. Special Interests Groups
    • Becomming Leadre Group – Publish and read around “Becoming Leaders”
    • Kansai Division – Study and networking activities among members in Western part of Japan (Kansai region)
  7. Publications - Whenever appropriate, JWEF publishes booklet, book and Research note, in the timely manner. Here are some of Japanese publications which JWEF has published.
    • Original Japanese Title :「しなやかにプロフェッショナル」(“Be a Graceful Professional”) Shinsui-sha 1,600 yen
    • Original Japanese Title 「実践 リーダーを目指すひとの仕事術」(“The Art of Work for Becoming Leaders”) Shinsui-sha 1,700 yen

For details of each activity, refer activitiy reports in JWEF Activity (Japanese text only).
If you have an interest in these publications, please contact JWEF office.
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